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a spinning flower fed back into itself as it goes through edge tracing and multiple color transformations. animated gif into max/msp/jit. original illustration by camilla forte

Hugo Flores García (he/him) is a computer musician, improviser, composer, programmer, and scientist.

Hugo Flores García
photo by Jonathan Chick

His creative practice includes improvised music for guitars, found sound objects and electronics, electroacoustic compositions, live coding, interactive art installations, and bespoke musical instruments.

Bass Face
photo by Lizzie Díaz Luna

Hugo’s work is inspired by the appreciation of and interaction with the natural and human-made processes and ecologies around him. His approach to art and science (and the fuzzy spaces between the two) is led by a sense of curiosity and a desire to illustrate his explorations to those around him.

Field Recording
photo by Camilla Forte

Hugo is a PhD candidate at Northwestern University, doing research at the intersection of applied machine learning, music, and human-computer interaction. His research centers around designing new interfaces for creative expression, with a focus on the sound arts. Specifically, he's interested in building controllable, artist-centered machine learning interfaces for sound.

Cloud Choir

Hugo was born and raised in the heart of Central America: Honduras. He now lives in Chicago, IL with his partner and his two cats, pipi and pixel.


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photo playing a pad controller
photo by Ricardo Adame