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unloop (2023)

photo of the unloop interface

unloop is the musical interface that accompanies VampNet, which is a generative model for music I published at ISMIR 2023. unloop is a looper that uses generative modeling to not repeat itself. unloop can generate variations of loop a musician has recorded, creating a more interactive and fun experience than using a traditional looper. unloop is open source, and has a demo video

nesquik 🌰🐿️👾 (2023)

nesquik 🌰🐿️👾 is a vampnet-based audio effect that will transform any instrumental music audio into an “8-bit”, NES-style chiptune. It’s a fun tool that lets you listen to your favorite song in the style of an 80’s video game!

You can try nesquik on hugginface spaces by following this link.

cloudchoir (2022)

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The cloudchoir is half theremin // half four-part choir. With one hand, you can move the pitch of each voice independently, in half steps. With the other hand, you control the dynamics and expressivity of the choir. Listen to it on this reel.

pedalboy (2020)

pedalboy pedalboard UI Pedalboy was my last assignment in undergrad, and it was a lot of fun to make. I made it for Dr. John Thompson’s SuperCollider class. Pedalboy is a SuperCollider pedalboard with lots of lfos, lower-level controls, and midi support. Look at the code here.

automaton (2020)

pedalboy pedalboard UI Automaton is a cellular automata sequencer built using SuperCollider. You play with automaton by clicking around the grid, spawning new cells that then go on and live their life. Each cell triggers a note or a grain. Try it and and look at the code here.

trees (2019)

A web-based musical tree garden aimed at providing a serene visual and sound space. Click here to try it yourself. Or watch the demo video below.

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fuzzy cosmic barn owl (2019)

The fuzzy cosmic barn owl is a guitar pedal that boasts an LM386 power amp distortion with an additional analog octave up circuit.

Art by Jarrett Thompson.